Han Ah Reum Shopping Center – Ridgefield, NJ – Part 2


NOTE: I’ve had had this entry sitting in edit mode for best part of past 2 months. I don’t have much time to complete this entry, so this is work in progress…

In Han Ah Reum Shopping Center – Ridgefield, NJ – Part 1, we covered the supermarket. In this edition, we cover the well-hidden, but nonetheless a surprisingly diverse offerings in the food court tucked in the complex. The food court is located at the back of the market amongst the display units containing sausages made with fish (tuna), and the ppong-teugi guy. Ppong-teugi is a large round rice cracker that is puffed/popped on the premises. It used to be across from the sushi/sashimi counter but has be exiled to the section that used to be the snack section.


Another view of the food court.


This is the Sushi/Sashimi counter. Besides sushi, they sell kimbap, literally “seaweed (laver) rice”, Korean version of futomaki. They also have soon dae, sausage made with pig intestine filled with vermicelli noodle, pigs blood, sometimes with sticky rice, sort of like hagis. Not that I had hagis, mind you! From what I have read, the ingredients seem to be pretty similar. Some other dishes offered are ojing uh ppok um, squid/cuttlefish tempura, go goo ma, steamed sweet yam. The counter on the left offer dumplings and sweet rice cakes. Oh before I forget, there is also a counter selling tteuk, cakes and mandoo.


A1. Doenjang Jjigae – Bean Paste Stew Served w/Steam Rice – $7.47x
A2. Kimchi Jjigae – Kimchi Stew Served w/Steam Rice – $7.47x
A3. Jangtuh Guksu – Korean Noodle Soup – $7.47x
A4. Sundubu Jjigae – Spicy Tofu Soup – $7.47x
A5. Seolleong Tang – Beef Soup Served w/Steam Rice – $7.47x
A6. Bibim Bap – Vegetables & Rice w/Steam Rice – $8.25x
A7. Ttaroh Gukbop – Spicy Beef & Vegetables Soup – $7.95x
A8. Saengtae Jjigae – Whiting Stew Served w/Steam Rice – $8.95x
A9. Soondae Guk – Beef Soup w/Korean Sausage – $9.50
A10. Jeonbok Juk – Rice Porridge w/Abalone – $9.95
A12. Kalbi Tang – Spare Rib Soup (Korean Style) – $9.95x
A13/A17. Daegu Maeun Tang – Spicy Codfish Soup Served w/Steam Rice – $9.50x
A14. Mul Naeng Myeon – Cold Noodle Dish – $8.50x
A15. Bibim Naeng Myeon – Spicy Noodle Soup – $8.95x
A16/A18. Modeum Soondae – Combo Sausage – $8.95x
A16. Whe Naeng Myeon – Fish Noodle Dish – $9.50x
A13/A27. Haemul Pajeon – Seafood Pancake – $7.50x
A28. Maeun Kalbi Tang – Spicy Spare Rib Soup – $9.50
A29. Chadol Doenjang Jjigae – Beef Bean Paste Stew w/Steam Rice – $9.50

Wugeoji Jang Guk, Green leafs of Chinese cabbage containing cooked rice in a hot beef broth, often topped with beef chunks and julienned egg garnish (geh shi = now offering) – $9.50
Kimchi something… – $9.50

B1. Jjajiang Myeun – Noodle w/Black Sauce – $6.95
B2. Jjam Ppong – Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup – $7.93
B3. Ul Myeun – Chinese Seafood Noodle Soup – $7.93
B4. Sehwoo Ppokeun Bop – Fried Rice w/Shrimp – $7.25
B5. Jjajiang Ppokeun Bop – Fried Rice w/Black Sauce – $7.25
B6. Japchae Bop – Fried Noodles w/Vegetables – $7.50
B7. Haemul Jaaptang – Seafood Platter w/Steam Rice – $8.50
B8. Tangsoo Yeuk – Fried Beef w/Sweet & Sour Sauce – $13.95
B9. Tangsoo Sehwoo – Fried Shrimp w/Sweet & Sour Sauce – $.–
B10. Kkanpoong Ghi – Fried Chicken w/Chili Sauce – $.–
B11. Kkanpoong Sehwoo – Fried Shrimp w/Chili Sauce – $.–
B12. Ppokeun Bop – Fried Rice – $.–
B13. Jjam Ppong Bop – Spicy Seafood Soup w/Rice – $.–

Kun Son
CIMG3578CIMG3583 CIMG3584Yae Dang



Han Ah Reum Shopping Center – Ridgefield, NJ – Part 1


Han Ah Reum, also known as H-Mart is a chain of Korean supermarket with locations throughout US and Canada mainly in regions with large Korean-American population. There are 4 locations each in New Jersey and New York. Today we pay a visit to the Ridgefield, NJ location at 321 Broad Avenue South, which is actually on US Route 1 & 9. The photo above is looking south bound.


The huge complex has one of the largest Korean supermarket in northeast. There are also bakeries, bookstore, gift shops, bank, liquor store, clothing store, beauty shop, and few others. I have been to their Englewood and Little Ferry locations however this is the largest and the cleanest location.

CIMG3585 CIMG3586

If you are squeamish about seeing lots of meat or a vegetarian, next few photos have pictures of naked meat but will be followed by a dazzling shot of jars and jars of kimchi!!!


This is what unfrozen ox tails look like. No part of the cow is wasted here. The tail part may be the best part?


Soyang beef tripe on the left @$2.69 a pound and LA kalbi beef sliced short rib on the right @$5.99 a pound.


So kko ri ox tails @$6.99 a pound. The popularity of the ox tails has driven the price up sky high.


Frozen bulgogi, thinly sliced beef at only @$2.69 a pound.


What a beautiful sight, display shelves teeming with all kinds of kimchi.


All Han Ah Reum’s kimchi are from TOBAGI brand. I can just make out the following dizzying array of kimchis:

    * ghat kimchi – mustard green kimchi
    * gul seok kimchi – chunk radish kimchi
    * neng meun kimchi – sliced radish kimchi
    * dong chim mie kimchi – radish kimchi with soup base
    * mmat kimchi – sliced cabbage kimchi
    * mujung kimchi – radish leaf kimchi
    * paek poh gie kimchi – white cabbabe kimchi
    * bu chu kimchi – chives kimchi
    * yeul moo kimchi – baby radish kimchi
    * yeul moo mul kimchi – baby radish kimchi with soup base
    * oyie so bak yee kimchi – stuffed cucumber kimchi
    * chong gak kimchi – young radish kimchi
    * teuk sun gook kimchi – preserved cabbage kimchi with oyster
    * teuk po gie kimchi – preserved white cabbage kimchi
    * pah kimchi – green onion kimchi
    * po gie kimchi – whole cabbage kimchi
    * peut bae chu kimchi – young cabbage kimchi

Whew! I am sure I missed few more.
Few links showing photos of kimchi. Best of Korea – Kimchi and Korean Restaurant Guide.


The banchan appetizer corner.



A wall of dan mu jie yellow picked radish or dakuan (all the packages have them labelled as takuan) in Japanese. I shouldn’t say this but the Korean brands are cheaper but the Japanese brands are actually much better tasting.


Yang yeum dwae jie go gie seasoned pork @$3.99 a pound. Yang yeum shey go gie/bulgogi seasoned beef @$4.99 a pound. Yang yeum ddak go gie seasoned chicken @$2.99 a pound. Pyieuh Up Neun Kalbi boneless short rib @$7.99 a pound. Go gie can mean either meat or fish but to distinguish, seng sun is reserved for fish. I am very leery of this sort of out in the open presentation since you never know whether there is a base of ice on the bottom to keep these things cooled. With all the heavy traffic next to the trays… This day, there were no plastic wraps covering to prevent foreign stuff from getting in the mix.

New Jersey
321 Broad Ave. S
Ridgefield, NJ 07657
Tel : 201-943-9600
Store Hours : 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 PMCherry Hill
1720 Marlton Pike.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Tel : 856-489-4611
Store Hours : 8:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM

25 Lafayette Ave.
Englewood, NJ 07631
Tel : 201-871-8822
Store Hours : 9:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM

Little Ferry
260 Bergen Tpke.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
Tel : 201-814-0400
Store Hours : 9:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM

518-14 Old Post Rd.
Edison, NJ 08817
Tel : 732-248-8586
Store Hours : 9:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM

New York

Northern 141
141-40 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel : 718-358-0700
Store Hours : 24 Hours Open

Northern 156
156-40 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel : 718-888-0005
Store Hours : 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM

29-02 Union St.
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel : 718-445-5656
Store Hours : 8:00 AM ~ 12:00 AM (Midnight)

Williston Park
400 Hillside Ave.
Williston Park, NY 11596
Tel : 516-699-0270
Store Hours : 8:30 AM ~ 10:00 PM

59-18 Woodside Ave.
Woodside, NY 11377
Tel : 718-446-0759
Store Hours :
Mon-Sat : 8:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM
Sun : 9:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM