Matparam Restaurant – Flushing, NY


On this sunny Saturday, we ventured to see relatives in Douglanston and stopped by Matparam for lunch. The sign above says Matparam, or “taste wind”. I would have anglicized it as Matbaram but hey I am not the owner. Their speciality is kal guksoo, knife cut noodle, noodle made with flour along with soo jebi, soup with dough flakes.


I had the myulchi kal jebi, combination of kal guksoo and soo jebi. The soup base is made with myulchi, dried anchovy. Wife had the dak kal guksoo, with chicken and mother-in-law, haemool kal guksoo, mixed seafood. I prefer soup base that is basic to say the least with no fancy schmancy things thrown in, but the soup was a bit weak than I would have liked. You should taste slight tanginess/saltiness with the soup because of the anchovy. Mind you these are not the can or jar that you are thinking of. These are air-dried anchovies that are usually sold in packages like shown here. Apparently they come in few varieties – for soup base and for frying. The soup also featured thinly sliced potatoes at first glanced looked like radish. It also featured hobock, squash/zucchini julienned and pyogo buhseuk, shiitake mushroom.


Their menu on the wall look like Moses’s Ten Commandments.m_matbaram_3

  • Gamasot Dak Kal Guk Soo, cut noodle soup with chicken in a large skillet – $29.99
  • Nok Cha / Deul Ggeh Soojebi, soup with green tea / black sesame seed dough flakes – $9.99
  • Kimchi Kal Guksoo, soup with kimchi noodle – $6.99
  • Myulchi Gamja Kal Guksoo, soup with potato and cut noodle – $6.99
  • Myulchi Kal Jebi, soup with cut noodle and dough flakes – $5.99
  • Myulchi Soojebi , soup with cut noodle – $5.99
  • Dak Kaljebi, soup with chicken and cut noodle and dough flakes – $7.99
  • Dak Kal Guksoo, soup with chicken and cut noodle – $7.99
  • Dak Soojebi, soup with chicken and dough flakes – $7.99
  • Haemool Kal Guksoo , soup with seafood and cut noodle – $7.99
  • Haemool Kaljebi, soup with seafood and cut noodle and dough flakes – $7.99
  • Haemook Soojebi, soup with seafood and dough flakes – $7.99
  • Jjin Mandoo, steamed dumplings – $7.99
  • Haemool Mandoo, seafood dumplings – $8.99
  • Dak Mandoo Guk, chicken dumpling soup – $8.99
  • And on the other side of the 10 Commandment – they are main dishes or for appetizers for drinkers. All of them are spicy!

  • Gop Chang Jun Gol, beef small intestine casserole – $24.99
  • Gam Ja Jun Gol, potato casserole (probably with pork neckbones) – $23.99
  • Deungshim Jun Gol, beef steak (sirloin) casserole – $16.99
  • Gol Baeng ee Moo Chim, marinated bai top shell – $14.99
  • Dweh Ji / Sae Woo Jyut Jji Gae, pork / salted shrimp stew – $7.99
  • Gam Ja Tang, potato stew (usually with pork neckbones) – $23.99
  • Oh Jing Uh Bok Um, stir fried squid (cuttlefish) – $12.99
  • Gop Chang Bok Um, beef small intestine stir fried – $12.99
  • Jae Yook Bok Um, sliced pork stir fried – $12.99
  • Dak Ddong Jip Bok Um, chicken gizzard stir fried – $12.99
  • Oh Jing Uh Jji Gae, stir fried squid (cuttlefish) stew – $7.99
  • Nak Ji Bok Um, stir fried octopus – $12.99
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    The kimchis were fantastic. The top one is made from radish stems and on the right is radish. The bottom one is from Chinese cabbage. Overall, it was a satisfying meal and I would definitely revisit and try the other dishes.





    Matparam Restaurant
    150-40 Northern Blvd., Flushing, NY
    (718) 460-2535
    Hours: Monday – Sunday 11AM-4AM, Closed 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

    Yes that is not a mistake. They ARE open until 4AM.